The Blokehead My Quick -Sentence Journal

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Do you love journaling yet do not have the time for it? Then the new Bloke Head My Quick -Sentence Journal is just for you. dd in just one quick line to describe your day without the fuss of adding in too many details. Keep it simple with the My Quick -Sentence Journal from Bloke Head.

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Lynne Bundesen Prayer at a Time. to Path to Spiritual Growth

Цена: 1402 руб.


Книга " Prayer at a Time. to Path to Spiritual Growth".

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The Blokehead Line Journal

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Line from Bloke Head is a quick and easy way to journaling. Write up simple one liners to sum up your day without the hassles and time consuming of intensive write ups.

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Susan G. Kabelitz The Father's Hands. ( Thirty- day devotional)

Цена: 1452 руб.


Книга "The Father's Hands. ( Thirty- day devotional)".

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J. D. Mason I Saw a Black King

Цена: 2039 руб.


Книга " I Saw a Black King".

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Edward F. Haas Beyond the Blues. Treating Depression at a Time

Цена: 1102 руб.


Книга "Beyond the Blues. Treating Depression at a Time".

Мягкие Игрушки С Шариками Внутри Антистресс

Richard Stengel January Sun. , Three Lives, a South frican Town

Цена: 1264 руб.


Книга "January Sun. , Three Lives, a South frican Town".

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Rev Debra Campany "Weekly Meditations" Week at a Time . at a Time

Цена: 2439 руб.


Танцующая Ряба Курочка И Цыплята В Наборе Bc1010 Babycare

Kristin Overstreet Prayer Pals 21- Challenge. For Women of Faith

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Prayer Pals 21 Challenge brings women of faith together with the purpose of praying for one another's needs three times a day for twenty-one days. s women unite in one mind and accord and begin to persistently pray for one another's needs, something powerful happens! It is no longer a "you prayer" but an "us prayer." Prayer Pals 21 Challenge invites women to experience the closeness of sisterly love as they listen, encourage, and pray for one another's needs all while drawing closer to God.Using the Prayer Pals 21 Challenge book, prayer pals will be engaged daily in scripture reading, reflection, and journaling, learning from one of the greatest prayer warriors in the bible-Daniel! Prayer Pals 21 Challenge uses the following acrostic to describe the four essential principles of praying with a pal:P represents persistence. Think about it like this. s you and your prayer come together to pray, your prayer needs are brought before God three times a day for twenty-one days!R represents routine (forming a relationship with God as you pray each day three times a day). Getting into a habit of praying even when you are tired, hopeless, or just too busy, praying with your pal will eventually become a natural part of your day, and you have gained a praying pal for life! represents alliance, or having a partner to share your burdens and pray with you. There is power in numbers!Y represents your needs poured out to God. Things that have hind...

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Forman G. Just ... Includes Just . Just Year and Just Night

Цена: 777 руб.


It all starts when merican good girl llyson--better known as Lulu-- decides to spend just one day in Paris with Dutch hottie Willem. It's a whirlwind adventure filled with heart-racing romance, but the next day Willem is gone without a trace. What follows is one year of searching that ends with a steamy reunion on the one wonderful night when they finally find one another again. Filled with mystery, drama, adventure, and of course romance, this is a swoony and satisfying entry point for new readers of Gayle Forman's bestselling fiction.

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Megan R Bartlett Getting Out of B.E.D. Overcoming Binge-Eating Disorder at a Time

Цена: 952 руб.


Книга "Getting Out of B.E.D. Overcoming Binge-Eating Disorder at a Time".

Josette Veltri Next Step New Start. waken What's Possible at a Time

Цена: 1939 руб.


Книга "Next Step New Start. waken What's Possible at a Time".

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